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Why CmdShft?

CmdShft is a boutique label services outfit where artists not only have access to an extensive range of services, but also a network of industry veterans to help maximize your efforts.

Artist-Friendly Deals

We aren’t in this business to nickel and dime artists, and have incorporated a strict open-door policy. You will never be asked to sign a lengthy agreement.

True Partnership

With most distributors, a relationship is typically non-existent or ends after delivery of your content. At CmdShft, this is where we get started.

Transparent Financials

Our clients are paid on time each month, receive detailed accounting statements, and have the ability to split royalties and recoup expenses.

Direct Support

No more sending emails and then waiting days for a response. We talk directly with our clients and will always be here when you need us most.

What We Do

Our mission is to educate and empower artists! We supply the tools, knowledge, and support necessary for you to have a successful career in music, without sacrificing your art or right of ownership.

Label Services

Our clients benefit from tailor-made solutions spanning across multiple verticals. We specialize in direct-to-fan marketing & sales, features & playlist coverage, YouTube rights management & monetization, content creation, and more!

Funding Opportunities

Never borrow money from labels or distributors who simply increase the royalty splits in their favor and lock artists into a long-term contract. We offer monetary advances without altering the terms of your deal with CmdShft.

Worldwide Distribution

We provide global digital and physical distribution to all the major retailers and streaming platforms. Our direct relationships are backed by proprietary cutting edge technology to insure quick, reliable delivery of your content.

In-depth Analytics

Gain insight on your performance data, financials, and audience growth through real-time analytics. Our business intelligence tools offer a better understanding so you can maximize release strategy and touring efforts without wasting time.

YouTube MCN

With years of experience, it's no surprise CmdShft is one of the fastest growing Certified Multi-Channel Networks on YouTube. We understand the methodology behind helping creators build, engage, and monetize their audience on the largest video platform.

Audience Growth

We provide creative and production services, digital ad campaigns, cross-channel promotional opportunities, and more in our efforts of growing and monetizing your fanbase.

Rights Management

Our team makes certain your music and video content is properly claimed, and quickly resolves any disputes and ownership conflicts so you can maximize your earnings.


Utilizing YouTube's Content ID finger-printing technology and applying best practices, our MCN members benefit in receiving more revenues than they would on their own.

Let's Start a New Revolution

It's your music career. Take back control with CmdShft!