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The New Standard in Digital Music Distribution

Delivering long-awaited solutions, CmdShft is breaking the rules of the old music business. With core values of honesty and transparency, our team is proud to provide a valuable and reliable service for artists, labels, and music companies.

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No Contracts.

We support true independence and do not believe in sacrificing ownership of art, which means you won’t be locked in lengthy, unfair agreements.

True Partnership.

Our marketing team provides artists and labels with industry expertise to compliment promotional efforts and inspire genuine collaboration.

Clear Financials.

Removing the smoke and shattering the mirrors. We provide comprehensive analytics with detailed reporting to ensure accurate accounting.

Open Dialogue.

No one should have to wait weeks for automated customer service. With direct access to our support staff, help is always just on the other end of the line.

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Reliable Delivery

Expedited delivery to over 150 digital service providers around the globe with dedicated customer support

Tailored Strategy

Personal access to our marketing team’s release planning and entertainment industry expertise

On-Time Payments

Detailed monthly raw reporting and ability to withdraw earnings directly to your PayPal or bank account

Label Accounts

Revolutionary tools to easily organize individual artist accounts and corresponding financial statements

Payment Splitting

Proprietary technology that systematically handles all shareholder payments down to a fraction of a penny

Expense Recoupment

Automatically prioritize and recoup expenses against earnings from an artist's entire catalog or select content

YouTube Rights Management & Monetization

As a certified YouTube partner, CmdShft's content management team specializes in fully maximizing revenues on the platform while monitoring and protecting your intellectual property.

YouTube Certified

Rights Management

Our team of eagle-eyed observers diligently oversees every aspect of content management on your behalf; which includes uncovering potential claims, handling ownership conflicts, resolving disputes, and more to make sure your rights, and earnings, are fully accounted for.

Content Identification

Content ID is YouTube’s digital fingerprint technology that helps creators locate and monetize usage of their original content on the platform. This feature is available for music distributed to YouTube, as well as for audiovisual content on channels within our MCN (multi-channel network).

Channel Management

Channels that meet the necessary requirements can be linked to CmdShft’s YouTube MCN and benefit from our years of experience in channel optimization. Our primary goal is to significantly boost revenues while driving and sustaining audience growth.

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